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Summary In 1912, working in a paper mill in the chapel area is hard, especially if you are a woman. But Aurora, a strong and fighting young woman, resists this harsh environment. When the time comes, she will leave interior Catalonia that she drowns to settle in Barcelona in full effervescence, where she will manage, thanks to circumstances and her inner strength, to work in the El Siglo department store. Later, and with the support of a discreet feminist circle, she will fight with determination and discipline to develop a company, open to the new winds coming from the United States, dedicated to the manufacture of lipsticks, standing up to a society that in absolute facilitates her entrepreneurship by the fact of being a woman.

In this process, she will be accompanied by Iris, a helpless girl who she welcomes as if she were her daughter and whom she protects from her.Until tragedy strikes their lives and the situation changes. Injustice overwhelms them and, faced with the lack of police attention, Aurora once again takes control of her life and begins a search in order to find the culprit of her misfortune, in a fight to defend the freedom and dignity of women.

This is, in short, a novel that deals with the rights of women at the beginning of the 20th century, with the awareness and difficulties during the genesis of feminism that is just beginning to emerge in Barcelona. The city, in fact, appears as one more character: the conditions of the workers are described, the peripheral expansion in the new districts, the dynamism of the bourgeoisie, the police organization... And all these elements will witness both the struggle and the shortcomings of the system —which lead to unbalanced progress— as well as the drive for love and friendship in its multiple forms.


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