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Foto Marius Molla
Photography: Thomas Vilhelm

Màrius Mollà


I was born in Igualada, Spain in 1966 and until 2014 where I had my base of operations. I currently reside in Barcelona and enjoy it as much as possible.

I am an industrial engineer with a vocation which equals the one I have for the world of the novel. I work as project director and company consultant who is always aware of how history has changed us, changes us, will change us and how it affects the world around us.

I strongly believe in the power of a good education and respect any group who decide to dedicate their greatest effort into achieving excellent work as a team.

My previous work is El maestro (2015). I have also republished La herencia de la terra (2017), the great success published in 2010 under a pseudonym like the rest of my novels: El taller de los libros prohibidos (Eduardo Roca), The dream of the city and El mar de los Hombres libres (Andrés Vidal) and El secreto de la montaña sagrada (Víctor Amat). Venjança color carmí, the most recent story (2023).

In my biography, someone kind enough wrote: "With a prose that overflows with quality, an incisive look at past events in History and impeccable plots in which captivating characters move, Màrius Mollà manages to make his works beat in the reader for a long time.", you'll tell me what do you think.




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